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Carena's Assignment

Post by Carena Ghirlandaio on Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:40 am

Name: _____________Carena Amata Ghirlandaio_______________________________ (I hope it's okay to post it here. I saw that was what people were doing in other threads.)
Alien Adjectives
Circle the adjective in each sentence. Then, tell what noun the
adjective is describing.
Example: The green alien walked out of the spaceship.
The adjective green describes the alien.

1. The shiny spaceship landed in my yard.
The adjective ________shiny____ describes ___spaceship______________.

2. An alien with big eyes walked out of the ship.
The adjective ______big______ describes ________eyes_________.

3. It waved its tiny hand in the air.
The adjective ___tiny_________ describes ________hand_________.

4. The alien said, “Earth is such a beautiful planet.”
The adjective ____beautiful________ describes _____planet____________.

5. A brown rabbit hopped into the yard and scared the alien.
The adjective ___brown_________ describes ____rabbit_____________.

6. The frightened alien ran back into its spaceship and blasted off.
The adjective _____frightened_______ describes ____alien_____________.
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