Max's Assignment

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Max's Assignment

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:46 pm

Name: Max
Alien Adjectives
Circle the adjective in each sentence. Then, tell what noun the
adjective is describing.
Example: The green alien walked out of the spaceship.
The adjective green describes the alien.

1. The shiny spaceship landed in my yard.
The adjective shiny describes the spaceship

2. An alien with big eyes walked out of the ship.
The adjective big describes the eyes

3. It waved its tiny hand in the air.
The adjective tiny describes the hand.

4. The alien said, “Earth is such a beautiful planet.”
The adjective beautiful describes the planet.

5. A brown rabbit hopped into the yard and scared the alien.
The adjective brown describes the rabbit.

6. The frightened alien ran back into its spaceship and blasted off.
The adjective frightened describes the alien


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