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Evernight Academy Crest

Since the fall of Evernight, Ms Bethany fled from everything and died. Cassidy Paige, a vampire that was along side Ms Bethany took in the reigns of the school to build it up again and restore it as a sanctuary for vampires. It will go back to normal with more adjustments to make it better, but how long will it stay normal? What happen's when the Black Cross finds out again? Is it possible that Cassidy can hold up the school before it's torn down again? The wraiths find out about this and carefully prevent all this since Evernight was once their home, but when they are sucked in, can they get back out?

The choice is yours, what will you do?


Evernight is a book written by Claudia Gray, she has written four books in the series which is based on Vampires, Wraiths and Black Cross (Vampire Slayers). Here is a little bit about the book.

It tells the story of Bianca Olivier, a 16-year old half-vampire girl born to two vampires, who is forced to attend Evernight Academy, a private boarding school for vampires (although humans are enrolled). She was enrolled in order to fulfill her destiny to become a full vampire, even though she feels she doesn't belong there. Bianca then meets and falls in love with a human named Lucas Ross, who also feels isn't the "Evernight" type, but their love becomes forbidden by their families and friends when the truth of each other's nature comes to light. Not only is it revealed that Bianca is a vampire, but it is also revealed that Lucas is a member of the ancient vampire hunting group Black Cross.

Through the rest of the books, Stargazer, Hourglass and Afterlife it shows the adventures they go on and their battles for love. This site is what happens after, and hopefully there hasn't been any spoiling. This site will not have cannon characters as it may spoil the plot for others.

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