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Post by Michelle Michalson on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:06 am

Tennessee Whiskey  Adbannerr

    Tennessee Whiskey is a laidback real life roleplay set in the fictional town of Stillwater, Tennessee. You will find no rules about word counts or activity checks, nor will you be limited on how many characters you are allowed to have or NPC. We are considered Rated R and expect our memberbase to behave like adults.

    In addition to our laidback attitude, we have a unique plot of a roleplay within a roleplay. Have you ever wanted to take your character out-of-character and have them become someone else? You've considered making them an actress or an actor, but even then you'd never get the chance to actually put them in a role and have them act it out. Well on Tennessee Whiskey, this is one experience worth joining for.

    5 years ago, a new soap opera was launched called The Fierce and The Fearless. Soaps were dying out but they decided they'd try something new. New filming locations and plots geared towards a younger generations. It has been a whopping success and is looking for some new principal cast members! Is your character looking for a career in show biz?

    By making your character a cast member of the soap, you get the opportunity to play out filming sessions of those plots and storylines in a special forum. So you see, you get to play two lives with one character. One is the 'real' one and the other is the 'acting' one.

    But if the soap opera doesn't catch your attention, maybe our setting will. Imagine a small town where generations upon generations have grown up and started families of their own. The cicadas sing you to sleep at night as you gaze at the stars from your window. It's almost as if someone is saying 'this is what peace really is.'

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