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Heroes, we've all got them somewhere. Whether real or imaginative. Some have been with us since we read about them. One character in particular has become such a hero to a large population, that the name is always known no matter the age and time. Harry Potter. PrimesGeneration is a website that takes that heroic icon (the story written by J.K. rowling and as such does not belong to us, we are merely using the information) and gives people throughout the world a chance to enjoy her creation on a new level, a chance to elevate the story. A world, of roleplay.

Magic is Might. Make it your own.

Formerly created from and has been moved to the new server as PrimesGeneration. For more information, check out our website or email Tyler/Primesge at info@primesgeneration(dot)com

Why should you join? There's a spot for everyone of every kind imaginable. We want you to feel welcomed, to feel like you have a site that'll listen to you. Role-playing acting a character that either you created or you took on and becoming that person, we want you feel that character as much as you physically can.

What is Harry Potter?

Seven fantastic books created by J. K. Rowling telling of a boy named Harry Potter who is a wizard at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story tells of his quest to overcome the dark evil wizard Lord Voldemort who is trying to eliminated non-magical folk, conquer the Wizard world, and destroy his opponents, namely Harry.

What is Role play?

Role-playing is becoming an entirely different person other than yourself and fill a social role, interacting with others who choose the same way. You can basically live a life not yours and choose how to do so. Role-playing is acting out a character either you created or existed that you take over.

What is Hogwarts Prime (now known as PrimesGeneration)?

A Harry Potter Role play that allows you to experience Harry Potter's world and add your own story with one of the characters. Did Ginny always be shy around Harry? Were the twins ONLY ever up to mischief? Your character can decide what they did during the Harry Potter series and basically created a story for them-self.

You can become apart of a world where every child felt apart of already. You can choose to change minuscule details to your will and have fun with it. You can attend classes and develop your own stories with the professors and other students. Join now and it'll be worth your while.

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