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Post by Kathryn Harlequine on Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:20 pm

Dragonbird University Dbu10

Before some time ago, there was a rivalry between two wealthy schools. Both were rich and supple in education and entertainment. However, the students began a battle. They brew up almost the longest fight within both of the schools. It was until this year both administrators crossed the battlefield. They conjoined, making a school of one so all the bickering would comes to an end. And that's the old story of how Dragonbird University was made. In common terms, the administrators both agreed to make the schools a whole. The college was Dragon University, and the high school was Bird High. Now they make one, in the hopes of solving their problems.

Join Dragonbird University, to enjoy the young lives of both the College and High school life.
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