[OOG] School, Clubs & Sports, OH MY!

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[OOG] School, Clubs & Sports, OH MY! Empty [OOG] School, Clubs & Sports, OH MY!

Post by Gwen Novak on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:12 am

It's time to start up the year.
Alot of classes have been posted, please know you MUST fill all 6 slots on your schedule. Wondering how school is going to work out this year? Read HERE.
If you have any other questions about it you can always mail me.

The official school year starts March 10th, so try to get your classes done by then.
Aside from school, Sports claims are open. I only put a few sports because there are so many out there and it would take forever to list each. So if theres a sport you would like to see added just suggest it and Ill add it on.

Lastly Club Claims will be posted soon as well. If you have any clubs you want to see, like sports just post a suggestion and I will add it on.

I hope you guys are all as excited for the school year as I am. It should be fun :]

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