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Post by Stanners on Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:14 pm

Imperio Mundus Maraud10

A general AU Harry Potter Universe RP, including Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic and any other magical areas you might need!

A bloody and violent revolution twenty years before has cast quite a shadow over the lives of those remaining in the Wizarding world. The Ministry is increasingly swift to deal out punishments to revolutionaries, and the stakes have ne'er been higher.

Hogwarts continues almost as normal under this dictatorship; quite who is in charge, no one is sure, as he never appears in public and very few ever meet him.

No Anti-Muggle rows or riots have taken place, nor any vast upheaval of wizarding values - the true evil at work in this world in far more subtle than that. It is now solely money and connections that matter. With them, one can be deluded into believing that they have everything. Without, one might be destroyed in an instant. Law exists to please those who please it, and common wizards are distinctly restricted.

It falls to the next generation to see if they can free themselves from this tyranny, but they must be careful not to let anyone see them do so...

Will you join us? IMPERIO MUNDUS

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