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Post by Xaria on Tue May 29, 2012 12:30 pm

Shadowhenge Academy Shaadb10

Dear ____,

You have been selected to go to this special academy for people like you, called Shadowhenge Academy. It was founded back in July of 1904 in Wheeling, West Virginia. It has a beautiful garden that took over a trillion dollars to have a couple of water fountains, rare flowers, and weekly grass cutting. It took about three years to build and was opened in September of 1907.

There are many classes to take that’ll basically show you how to control and use your powers with classes you have to learn in Middle and High school. There’ll be many exams on how you improved on how to control and use your powers wisely to see if you’ll go in an advanced class in the next school year.

Many people all over the world went to Shadowhenge Academy including people like Bob Marley, George Washington, and many more! Most students get a good scholarship to a good college that has to do with powers that you have and many others. All classes are listed on the back.


Headmistress Grizelda

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