Tala And Alexa's Amazing Dorm Room | Alexa (of course) and anyone who wants to visist, I guess

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Tala And Alexa's Amazing Dorm Room | Alexa (of course) and anyone who wants to visist, I guess

Post by Tala Raven Everit on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:38 pm

(So... Alexa, we're in this dorm together. I'm not even sure if you've realized we're in this dorm together or not, but I decided to go ahead and make us a topic anyway. I mean, we're gunna have to meet sometime! And if you don't like some of the info I put (like how the dorm looks or how the house looks) then I'm sorry for not asking you first, and you can just change it. Hope that I gave you enough info to join in.)

Tala struggled up the stairs of her house, Odiosis, pulling her suitcase-bag thing up with her, her backpack slung over one shoulder and her jacket tied around her waist. She reached the top of the stairs, stopped to catch her breath and looked at a paper she held in her left hand.

"Odiosis House, Floor 1, Staircase to the left, Room 105, Tala R. Everit and... Alexa?" Tala asked herself, squinting as she tried to read the small handwriting of the schools secretary. "What kind of house name is Odiosis? Where did they get it? What does it mean? Why?"

Tala shook her head, trying to make her curiosity not run away with her thoughts, and concentrated on finding her dorm. She manuevered herself and her things up the left staircase, walked to the end of the corridor and stared blankly at her dorm room door. The only thing there was a golden '105' nailed to the doorway.

"My aren't you full of personality," she commented, glaring at the door. "We are gunna make you soooo much more interesting. Some purple paint here, green there... oh, we mussn't forget yellow! And damn it, Tala! You're talking to yourself again! What did your mother always say? Talking to oneself is a sign of craziness. Which is why she talked to the cat, of course... Hm... mother dear, I wonder how you're holding up with my devil twins. I bet they've gone along with their plans to paint the car green, make ice-cream out of playdough and to die their hair with markers after cutting it how they like..."

Tala smiled brightly at the thought of her brothers. They were troublemakers, idiots and devil spawn (as she loved to call them), but she loved them anyway, and they got along fabulously. So with happy thoughts in mind, she slowly opened the door to her - no, her and Alexa's - dorm.

"Hi, I'm here!" she called, peeking round the door. Sadly, no one was there to here her cheery call. "Oh well, guess I'll have to welcome myself in."

She walked over to the bed on the left side of the room and flung herself down on it, laughing aloud as it bounced her back. She pushed hersef up on her elbows, hearing voices from outside her room. She had, of course, forgotten to close her door. But she didn't care. Her roommate was coming, and she couldn't wait to meet her.
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